Sparse Days @ Cerfacs Meeting on Sparse Linear Algebra

Slides/Videos 2018

Thursday, September 27th 2018

Session 1

Man Shun Ang: What is happening in non-negative matrix factorization?                Illustration .gif     Video
Theo MARY: A New Preconditioner for Low-Precision Block Low-Rank Multifrontal Solvers        Video
Timothée GOUBAULT DE BRUGIERE:  Quantum circuits synthesis using Householder transformations    Video
Aurélien FALCO: Hierarchical Symbolic Factorization for Sparse Matrices   Video


Session 2

Johannes LANGGUTH: A distributed-memory parallel approximation of maximum weight perfect bipartite matching   Video
Florent LOPEZ: Task-based sparse direct solvers for symmetric systems in the NLAFET Project
Pedro VALERO-LARA: Parallel Implementations for Solving Tridiagonal Systems    Video
Weifeng LIU: OpenSPARSE: An Open Platform for High Performance Sparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms    Video


Session 3

Atsushi SUZUKI: Dissection solver for higher precision arithmetic by inner iterative refinement
Martin KÜHN: On an efficient parallel implementation of adaptive FETI-DP with load balancing   Video
Matthias EHRHARDT: High-Order Methods for Parabolic Equations in Multiple Space Dimensions for Option Pricing Problems


Friday, September 28th 2018

Session 4

Sophie MOUFAWAD: Numerical Stability of s-step Enlarged Krylov Subspace Conjugate Gradient methods
Hussam AL DAAS: Efficient algebraic coarse spaces   Video
Andy WATHEN: Parallel preconditioning for time-dependent PDE problems   Video


Session 5

Salvatore FILIPPONE: AMG preconditioning with Parallel Aggregation based on Compatible Weighted Matching   Video
Victor MAGRI: aSP-AMG: adaptive Smoothing and Prolongation Algebraic MultiGrid
Frank HÜLSEMANN: Fast iterative solvers for robust discretisations


Session 6

Keita TERANISHI: Performance portable parallel CP-APR tensor decompositions   Video
Aydin BULUC: Communication-Avoiding Sparse-Matrix Primitives for Parallel Machine Learning   Video
Masha SOSONKINA: Impacts of Three Soft-Fault Models on Hybrid Parallel Asynchronous Jacobi   Video


Session 7

Julian HALL: Exploiting ultra-sparsity in the revised simplex method   Video
Jan PAPEZ: Preconditioned linear solvers in CMB data analysis   Video
Robert LUCAS: A Tale of Woe   Video

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