Sparse Days Meeting on Sparse Linear Algebra

Slides/Videos 2018

Thursday, September 27th 2018

Session 1

Man Shun Ang: What is happening in non-negative matrix factorization?                Illustration .gif     Video
Theo MARY: A New Preconditioner for Low-Precision Block Low-Rank Multifrontal Solvers        Video
Timothée GOUBAULT DE BRUGIERE:  Quantum circuits synthesis using Householder transformations    Video
Aurélien FALCO: Hierarchical Symbolic Factorization for Sparse Matrices   Video


Session 2

Johannes LANGGUTH: A distributed-memory parallel approximation of maximum weight perfect bipartite matching   Video
Florent LOPEZ: Task-based sparse direct solvers for symmetric systems in the NLAFET Project
Pedro VALERO-LARA: Parallel Implementations for Solving Tridiagonal Systems    Video
Weifeng LIU: OpenSPARSE: An Open Platform for High Performance Sparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms    Video


Session 3

Atsushi SUZUKI: Dissection solver for higher precision arithmetic by inner iterative refinement
Martin KÜHN: On an efficient parallel implementation of adaptive FETI-DP with load balancing   Video
Matthias EHRHARDT: High-Order Methods for Parabolic Equations in Multiple Space Dimensions for Option Pricing Problems


Friday, September 28th 2018

Session 4

Sophie MOUFAWAD: Numerical Stability of s-step Enlarged Krylov Subspace Conjugate Gradient methods
Hussam AL DAAS: Efficient algebraic coarse spaces   Video
Andy WATHEN: Parallel preconditioning for time-dependent PDE problems   Video


Session 5

Salvatore FILIPPONE: AMG preconditioning with Parallel Aggregation based on Compatible Weighted Matching   Video
Victor MAGRI: aSP-AMG: adaptive Smoothing and Prolongation Algebraic MultiGrid
Frank HÜLSEMANN: Fast iterative solvers for robust discretisations


Session 6

Keita TERANISHI: Performance portable parallel CP-APR tensor decompositions   Video
Aydin BULUC: Communication-Avoiding Sparse-Matrix Primitives for Parallel Machine Learning   Video
Masha SOSONKINA: Impacts of Three Soft-Fault Models on Hybrid Parallel Asynchronous Jacobi   Video


Session 7

Julian HALL: Exploiting ultra-sparsity in the revised simplex method   Video
Jan PAPEZ: Preconditioned linear solvers in CMB data analysis   Video
Robert LUCAS: A Tale of Woe   Video

SPARSE DAYS Annual Meeting


Fully Virtual Workshop

The Annual Sparse Days meeting is an informal one or two days event hosted by Cerfacs, in Toulouse, France and is proposed this year only as a virtual event.

Talks on any aspect covered by the title on numerical linear algebra, sparse optimization and on data assimilation fit well with some of the current research at CERFACS.


No registration fees are required to attend the event, but those interested must register in order to receive the workshop login links.