Sparse Days Meeting on Sparse Linear Algebra





Mohsen Mahmoudi AZNAVEH: Parallel multifrontal sparse LU factorization based on UMFPACK

Julien BRENNECK: Iteration for Contour-Based Nonlinear Eigensolvers

Chao CHEN: RCHOL: Randomized Cholesky Factorization for SDD Matrices

Jinhao CHEN:  Sparse roundoff-error-free LU update

John CONROY: Two Truths in Spectral Clustering as Seen in Three Theorems and Three Applications

Jeffrey CORNELIS: Projected Newton method for the regularization of ill-posed linear inverse problems

Ieva DAUZICKAITE: Spectral estimates for saddle point matrices arising in weak constraint four-dimensional variational data assimilation

Tim DAVIS: SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS: graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra

Andrei DUMITRASC:  Deflation for the off-diagonal block in saddle-point systems

Azzam HAIDAR: How NVIDIA Tensor Cores can Help HPC Scientific Application Unleash the Power of GPUs using Mixed Precision Solvers

Roman IAKYMCHUK: Conjugate Gradient Solvers with Accuracy and Reproducibility Guarantees in Hybrid Parallel Environments

Martin KÜHN:  Implicitly extrapolated geometric multigrid for the gyrokinetic Poisson equation from fusion plasma applications

Jennifer LOE: Multiprecision GMRES in Belos and Kokkos

Robert LUCAS: Conveyors, an Abstraction for Message Aggregation

Pierre MATALON: Toward fast and accurate solutions of elliptic equations with HHO discretizations and multigrid methods

Francesco MEZZADRI: Iterative solution of horizontal linear complementarity problems on parallel computers

Anastasiia MINENKOVA: Stability of Certain Canonical Forms under Small Perturbation

Ani MIRAÇI: Contractive local adaptive smoothing based on Dörfler’s marking in a-posteriori-steered probust multigrid solvers

Erick MORENO-CENTENO: Exactly Solving Linear Systems via the Sparse Exact (SPEX) Factorization Framework

Esmond NG: Does the TSP heuristic for minimizing block counts in sparse Cholesky factorization have to be expensive?

Grégoire PICHON: Trading Performance for Memory in Sparse Direct Solvers using Low-rank Compression

Jason RIEDY: Graph Analysis and Novel Architectures

Jemima TABEART: Preconditioners for saddle point weak-constraint 4D-Var with correlated observation errors

Roel TIELEN: Block ILUT smoothers for p-multigrid methods in Isogeometric Analysis

Wim VANROOSE: Krylov-Simplex method to solve inverse problems in l1-norm and max-norm

Bastien VIEUBLÉ: Multiple precisions iterative refinement for the solution of large sparse linear systems

SPARSE DAYS Annual Meeting


Fully Virtual Workshop

The Annual Sparse Days meeting is an informal one or two days event hosted by Cerfacs, in Toulouse, France and is proposed this year only as a virtual event.

Talks on any aspect covered by the title on numerical linear algebra, sparse optimization and on data assimilation fit well with some of the current research at CERFACS.


No registration fees are required to attend the event, but those interested must register in order to receive the workshop login links.