Sparse Days @ Cerfacs Meeting on Sparse Linear Algebra





Mohsen Mahmoudi AZNAVEH: Parallel multifrontal sparse LU factorization based on UMFPACK

Julien BRENNECK: Iteration for Contour-Based Nonlinear Eigensolvers

Chao CHEN: RCHOL: Randomized Cholesky Factorization for SDD Matrices

Jinhao CHEN:  Sparse roundoff-error-free LU update

John CONROY: Two Truths in Spectral Clustering as Seen in Three Theorems and Three Applications

Jeffrey CORNELIS: Projected Newton method for the regularization of ill-posed linear inverse problems

Ieva DAUZICKAITE: Spectral estimates for saddle point matrices arising in weak constraint four-dimensional variational data assimilation

Tim DAVIS: SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS: graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra

Andrei DUMITRASC:  Deflation for the off-diagonal block in saddle-point systems

Azzam HAIDAR: How NVIDIA Tensor Cores can Help HPC Scientific Application Unleash the Power of GPUs using Mixed Precision Solvers

Roman IAKYMCHUK: Conjugate Gradient Solvers with Accuracy and Reproducibility Guarantees in Hybrid Parallel Environments

Martin KÜHN:  Implicitly extrapolated geometric multigrid for the gyrokinetic Poisson equation from fusion plasma applications

Jennifer LOE: Multiprecision GMRES in Belos and Kokkos

Robert LUCAS: Conveyors, an Abstraction for Message Aggregation

Pierre MATALON: Toward fast and accurate solutions of elliptic equations with HHO discretizations and multigrid methods

Francesco MEZZADRI: Iterative solution of horizontal linear complementarity problems on parallel computers

Anastasiia MINENKOVA: Stability of Certain Canonical Forms under Small Perturbation

Ani MIRAÇI: Contractive local adaptive smoothing based on Dörfler’s marking in a-posteriori-steered probust multigrid solvers

Erick MORENO-CENTENO: Exactly Solving Linear Systems via the Sparse Exact (SPEX) Factorization Framework

Esmond NG: Does the TSP heuristic for minimizing block counts in sparse Cholesky factorization have to be expensive?

Grégoire PICHON: Trading Performance for Memory in Sparse Direct Solvers using Low-rank Compression

Jason RIEDY: Graph Analysis and Novel Architectures

Jemima TABEART: Preconditioners for saddle point weak-constraint 4D-Var with correlated observation errors

Roel TIELEN: Block ILUT smoothers for p-multigrid methods in Isogeometric Analysis

Wim VANROOSE: Krylov-Simplex method to solve inverse problems in l1-norm and max-norm

Bastien VIEUBLÉ: Multiple precisions iterative refinement for the solution of large sparse linear systems

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